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Child Custody & Visitation Law

Boston Child Custody Lawyers

Massachusetts Visitation Attorneys

Determining fair child custody and visitation arrangements are among some of the most difficult issues parents must face in divorce. At Grindle Robinson LLP, we understand the importance of protecting parent-child relationships in divorce proceedings. Dedicated to the highest quality of ethical practice and client service, we work diligently to obtain the most fair, economical outcome possible.

Creating Effective Parenting Plans

Our firm is well-known for the sound judgment and personal advocacy it provides to clients in west Boston and surrounding areas. We understand that each parenting plan is as unique as the family involved in it. Our Boston child custody attorneys work with clients to establish fair guidelines for:

  • Sharing legal custody and decision-making authority
  • Equitable parenting time, including provisions for holidays, vacations, etc.
  • Grandparent visitation
  • Child support obligations

We seek to establish a parenting plan that works in the best interests of the children involved. Both attorney Fern Frolin and associate attorney Jennifer Clapp are certified to represent children's interests as guardians ad litem should the case require it.

As experienced family lawyers, we understand the strain a prolonged court battle can have on family relationships. Therefore, we strive to obtain amicable resolutions through mediation or arbitration if possible. However, we are always prepared to represent clients' interests and the interests of the children in litigation, especially in cases of alleged substance abuse or domestic violence.

To learn more about our family law services, please contact our firm by calling 781-235-3300 to schedule a consultation. Our firm is located in downtown Wellesley.